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The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame’s 2023 Inductees

For 2023, the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame honors an international cast of 4 luminaries, each of whom have left an indelible mark upon our sport in the arenas of competition, race commentary, and bike park design and construction.


Shaun Palmer

“One of the forefathers of extreme sports,” Shaun Palmer, burst into mountain biking in the mid-1990’s, at a burgeoning time for the sport. Without a traditional cycling background, Palmer’s approach to the sport was inherently different—he dressed different, he acted different… More…

Diddie Schneider

Diddie Schneider is a true mountain biking pioneer and visionary, especially when it come to purpose-built trails and bike parks. Born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany in 1966, he has built hundreds of trails, pump tracks, race courses and jump lines worldwide, including in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and… More…

Rob Warner

In 1996, Rob Warner was the first British mountain biker to win a downhill world cup. Still, you may know him by his other talent, namely as ‘the voice of mountain bike commentary’ – an accolade that he… More…

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå

Passion for the sport and hard work; the key factors in the fantastic journey and career of Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå. Her achievements include 10 x World Champion, 9 x European Champion and Olympic Gold in Athens 2004. She was a 2021 Inductee but could not attend 2022’s multi-year celebration, so we are making it official this year… More…


Some Fundamental Changes…

Most mountain bikers are familiar with the Rachel Athertons (2021) and Julien Absalons (2020) of the world– they are accomplished, high-profile names. It’s a safe bet, however, that many of us know much less about our other esteemed inductees, like Dafydd Davis (2020) and Jason McRoy (2020), and might question how they and their fellow inductees came to be honored in lieu of more popular, higher-profile personalities who have also made contributions to our sport.

Good question. Addressing it underscores the mission of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, and speaks to some important changes we made to the selection process starting last year in order to ensure that we don’t overlook men and women whose contributions and influence far exceeded their notoriety.

Public voting will no longer be used to determine which nominees will be inducted to the MBHOF. Instead, a selection committee will review nominations and, after consulting with sources within the mountain bike industry and sport, select the most eligible candidates for induction. This step was taken to prevent the induction process from selecting only the most famous people and to ensure that those among us who altered the course of our sport from behind the spotlight are not passed over.

Meet the Nominating and Selection Committee

Who makes those decisions? Our Hall of Fame all-volunteer Nomination and Selection Committee is assembled from journalists, industry insiders, and athletes, some of whom are HOF inductees. The committee has been in place for a number of years, working in the background as a review board and think tank. Nomination and Selection volunteers also reach out to influential people within the industry and sport to make informed decisions and further widen the selection process. In case you were wondering, members (in no particular order) are:


Otis Guy: Pioneer mountain bike builder, retired firefighter, paramedic and director of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Otis was inducted in 1993 and is driven to uphold and grow the MBHOF as an internationally relevant and honorable institution.
Otis was instrumental in moving the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame to the Marin Museum of Bicycling in Fairfax, California and was a founding board member.

Steve Blick:  This HOF Inductee (2008) was born and raised in Northern California during the mountain bike boom of the ’80s. With an amazing career of racing bikes and working in the bike industry, Steve (a.k.a. Blick) brings 25 plus years of experience and passion for the sport to help people fall in love with Mountain Biking.

Zapata Espinoza: “Zap” was the first journo’ inducted into the MBHOF (although Charlie Kelly argues the point), biased towards Mexican food, racers, and all the old guys who laid the foundation of the sport with passion, humor, intelligence, and, who also have the best stories to tell.

Scott Hart: A mountain bike industry veteran—working in a bike shop as a teenager, followed by a professional racing career, competing in the first Red Bull Rampage, to 10+ years of journalism. Scott also co-founded several now-defunct publications: Flow Magazine, TwentySix Magazine and Decline Magazine—before moving on to marketing for industry-leading brands such as RockShox, SRAM and WD-40. He transitioned to digital media with Red Bull and now brand management for Canyon Bicycles, along with an active role serving on the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame nomination committee.

Glen Jacobs: Hailing from the rainforests of Northern Australia, Jacobs designs World Championship, World Cup, Olympic and EWS racing venues, and was the UCI’s first full-time track builder. His company, World Trail, has developed venues in 20 countries. Jacobs was inducted in 2015.

Fanie Kok: Stoke Activist, Founder and Director of Soil Searching, the global trail advocacy program at Specialized Bicycles. Hailing from South Africa, Fanie Kok (Fawnee Coke) fundamentally believes that mountain biking can address and even solve some of the deepest pressing social, cultural and environmental issues we’re facing in the world, protect some of earth’s critically endangered species and preserve some of our most vulnerable natural environments.”

Hans Rey: The Swiss/American was born in Germany and lives in Laguna Beach, California. Hans is a HOF inductee, freeride pioneer, trials champion, adventurer, founder of the Wheels 4 Life charity, the bike industry, and tourism consultant, and long time pro rider for companies like GT Bicycles, Adidas and others. Hans has starred in films, TV specials, and has been on over 450 magazine covers.

The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Story

The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame was founded in 1988 in Crested Butte, Colorado. Ten mountain biking pioneers were inducted in that first year. Since then, three to seven mountain bike legends have been selected annually. In 2015, the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame relocated to the Marin Museum of Bicycling in Fairfax, California, where its exhibits and reach continue to expand. At the museum in Fairfax, the rich history of the sport comes to life—guided by the people who made that history. The exhibits illustrate the evolution of the mountain bike with numerous incredible bikes that are key to the story, along with memorabilia, stories of Hall of Fame Inductees and a growing archive of photos, books and magazine collections.

Looking for an inductee, event or bike from years ago? Try scrolling through the list below, or clicking a year in the sidebar on the right or enter a name in the search box. There’s lots to see with some fascinating stories and great photos. Most of the older posts have been preserved as their original submissions. You may find some pretty “curious” old information– so keep that in mind while reading and enjoy a blast from the past (or the present)!

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So, how does someone get into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame? Great question. Each year, three to six individuals or groups have been inducted. There was one exception, 1988, our charter year, when ten people were inducted into the Hall. Click here for the full story…



  • Aidan Bradney June 3, 2023   Reply →

    Flying in for the induction, are we 100% sure on the date? When we were there a while ago the date was still up in the air.

    • Marc Vendetti June 5, 2023   Reply →

      Unfortunately we have had to reschedule the induction event this year from October 7th to the 21st due to a conflict with the World Cup Finals. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope you can make it on the new date. Look for the link to purchase tickets elsewhere on this page. Thank you for your support of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.

  • John Borzini October 7, 2023   Reply →

    Why isn’t George Newman in the Hall? He won Repack once, gave the course its name, and finished high when he did run it. I ran the course several times. I gave photos the various entities to use on their publications. Note: I built-up a Schwinn with most of the popular parts, and sported a Stermy-Archer rear gear hub. In 2024 the MMWD ought to let the riders celebrate 50 years of mountain biking on Mt Tam with a day to go down Repack.

  • Kathleen S February 18, 2024   Reply →

    Why isn’t Merilee Maupin, of Leadville fame, not in the Hall of Fame??? Ken Chlouber was inducted in 2018 – they should have gone in together. Their incredible impact on the town of Leadville & the Leadville Trail race series was an heroic team effort. Their vision & combined efforts are remakable. That Ken was inducted & Merilee excluded is a complete travesty & smacks of shameful bias.

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