Our Wish List

Besides donations in the form of cash, securities and other financial instruments, what’s another way you can get involved and help us grow and prosper?  In-kind donations of course!

Here is a “Wish List” of some things we’re looking for and need to run our day-to-day operations or to improve our visitor experience. You can donate the actual items or your cash donations can be earmarked for a certain item (or items) from the list.
Items can be gently used, as long as they are in excellent cosmetic and working condition. We would consider paying the freight for any items that need shipping if you are not in the local area.

Do you see anything on the list you could donate?

NEWS FLASH!!!  We have an exciting new project that we need your help with—we are expanding! We have secured the adjacent space to the current museum gallery which will provide an additional 1,700 square feet of space.

With the new space we will be able to increase our bicycles on exhibit by approximately 60% and we will have a new library/meeting space, offices and a dedicated archiving workspace. We are beginning the project now. Your help would be appreciated in many ways and you can pick one or more of these to fund either fully or partially:

Specific Expansion Project Needs:

  • Architectural and engineering (Approx $3,000)
  • Exhibit & storage cabinetry, bookcases and furniture (Approx $50,000)
  • Portable display cases (Approx $5,000)
  • Remodeling subcontractor labor and materials (Approx $40,000)
  • Book Truck (rolling cart) for our library (Approx $400)
  • Flat file cabinets for posters and other larger items that must be stored flat (Approx $1,000)
  • 55″ Flat screen TV for screening room (Approx $900)
  • 65″ Flat screen TV for main gallery (Approx $1,500)
  • Archival equipment and supplies (Approx $100-$2,000)
  • Twenty (20) comfort folding chairs ($35 each)

Other Specialty Items Needed:

  • Two (2) current model iPad Air 9.4 inch (128GB Wi-Fi) tablets in black (Approx $400 each)
  • Ten (10) current model iPad Pro 12.9 inch (256GB Wi-Fi) tablets in black (Approx $900 each)
  • Eight (8) wired headphones and specialty exhibit speakers (Approx $500 each)
  • One (1) Panasonic PT-RZ120B WUXGA DLP Laser multi-media projector (Approx $14,500)
  • QSC Audio Sound System with K12.2 and K10.2 Loudspeakers and Digital Mixer (Approx $8,000)
  • Two (2) Sure PGXD24/PG58 Handheld wireless microphones ($349 each)
  • Two (2) Sure pGXD14/93 Lavalier wireless microphones ($399 each)
  • Stage lighting system with three (3) LED spot lights (Approx $3,000)
  • Signs, banners and other business printing
  • Printing service on plotter (roll-fed printer) for information panels & illustrations
  • Bicycle Tools
  • High-resolution, 11 x 17 color flatbed scanner
  • Color 11 x 17 laser printer (RICOH SP-C831DN or equal)

Ongoing Needs:

  • Comcast fees for a month, quarter or year
  • Our building rent for the month or quarter or…?


Updated 9/30/2019

Previously Donated Items (Thank You to our generous donors!):

  • Android or Apple tablet with a 10″ screen  (Donated 1/13/15, thank you Julia Violich and John Mecklenburg!)
  • 3M Prestige window tinting for gift shop  (Donated 12/1/14, thank you Dr. Al Farrell!)
  • LED Display lighting (Donated 12/18/14, thank you craigslist!)
  • Building Security System  (Donated 5/18/14, thank you Anonymous!)
  • Lounge area furniture:     (Donated 11/10/14, thank you Otis Guy!)
    > 1 couch (approx 84″ x 36″)
    > 2 chairs (approx 30″ x 30″)
    > 1 coffee table (approx 24″ x 48″)
  • 500 Marin Museum of Bicycling/MTB Hall of Fame Water bottles: Thank you Specialized Bicycle Components! 
  • Office Desks, qty: Two (2)  (Got free on craigslist, thank you Craig!)
  • Office task chairs, qty: Two (2)   (Donated 7/2/14, thank you Anonymous!)
  • Two (2) computer monitors approx 22-27″ for workstations  (Donated 9/20/14, thank you Anonymous!)
  • Video projector.  HDMI 16 x 9 output, 4500 Lumins minimum with power focus  (Donated 6/8/14, thank you Anonymous!)
  • 46-50″ LED TV (Thank you Chris Powers!)
  • Work bench  (labor donated by Kelly Silberberg of Silberberg Construction. Thanks Kelly!)
  • Two (2) filing cabinets  (Thank you Joe and Connie Breeze!)
  • Microwave  (Donated 5/8/14, thank you Winnie Seto!)
  • Under-counter refrigerator   (Thank you Winnie Seto and Matteo Martignoni!)
  • Flat file for archive printed materials  (Donated 11/18, thank you Winnie Seto and Jim Vendetti!)


If you would like to donate anything on the list, please let us hear from you using the Contact Us page.


Thank you for your support!