Interested in volunteering at the museum? Please come on in and introduce yourself! Let us know you’re thinking about getting involved. We welcome you to spend some time around the museum just taking in the atmosphere, seeing what our various volunteers are doing, and thinking about how you might like to contribute.

We have all sorts of volunteer options: helping out at events, office, computer or archives work, maintenance indoors and outdoors, and staffing the museum itself.

Helping out at Marin Museum of Bicycling is fascinating, fun and rewarding. As one of our volunteers wrote:

“Every time I have come in to volunteer at the museum—even if I wasn’t so sure I felt like it that day—I have come away feeling so thankful and glad that I did come in. Every time, without fail, I end up feeling happy, enriched and rewarded by my museum day: the people I met, the new things I saw and learned, the ideas I heard and shared. Every time, I leave with a deeper connection with our community and a more positive outlook.”

If you are interested in sharing your talents with us, please stop by and we can show you around. Not a local? Interested in doing some remote volunteering? Click here to reach us through our contact us form, or call us at 415-450-8000 Ext 103.

Thank you so much for your interest in being a part of our volunteer team. We hope to be seeing or hearing from you soon!