Josh Bender

Josh Bender, aka Bender, quickly made himself a name in the emerging Freeride scene in the late 1990s. His name became synonymous for going big on a mountain bike, hucking off cliffs very few dared, at heights the sport hadn’t seen. This led to a lot of media attention and raised the bar to a […]

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Ken Chlouber

On August 13, 1994, with the deafening blast of the old double barrel shotgun echoing off the surrounding 14,000 ft. mountains, Ken Chlouber (Klo-ber) changed the face of mountain bike racing forever. Ken is the founder of the iconic Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race. He is a true pioneer in the sport of ultra-endurance […]

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Kennett Brothers

Over the last 30 years Paul, Simon and Jonathan Kennett have completely transformed off-road riding in New Zealand by organising world-class events, promoting rides through their national guidebooks, building sustainable trails coupled with mass tree planting, and winning widespread support for mountain bike access. Their latest accomplishment is the organisation of one of the world’s […]

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Steve Peat

    Steve Peat has had an illustrious career racing downhill mountain bikes that has spanned nearly 25 years starting in the early 1990’s.  He had early success in the sport and has been a favorite with fans around the world.  Hailing from Sheffield, England, “Sheffield Steel”, or “Peaty”, has always contributed and given back to the sport […]

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