Jimmy “Mac” McIlvain

Jimmy delivering some Mountain Bike Action

Before MTB Action, Jimmy Mac was fully into the MTB scene. I was staying with Jimmy when Roy Knickman and myself flew out to California to attend the 1st Norba National, 1983, outside Solvang. Mac went up to the event and shot photos. He kept the Moots MTB bike that Kent Eriksen had built for Roy and was hooked on mountain biking ever since.

Jimmy sporting nice arm warmer tats at the Mike Nosco charity ride for Ronette Espinoza.



Since working at MTB Action, Jimmy has walked the tightrope of not alienating the hardcore mountain biker (too much) while making Mountain Bike Action more welcoming and understandable to those getting into our sport. His monthly column, the Mac Attack, has amused, infuriated and motivated riders on subjects ranging from trail advocacy to music for our rides. He has championed the ever-expanding high school racing league, but not without criticism, pointing out the disparity in equipment. He has reported on new mountain biking technologies in a fair and balanced manner with opinions that have proven correct over time.


Jimmy Mac with Andy Hampsten and myself.



Prior to his current position as Editor of Mountain Bike Action, Jimmy held positions at Troy Lee Designs and JT Racing where he worked with many Hall of Famer’s including John Tomac, Tinker Juarez, Greg Herbold, Dan Wiens and myself. All these riders have considered Mac a friend since meeting him. He has been a real asset to the sport of mountain biking and it is time he gets the recognition that comes with a place in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.

-Steve Tilford  April, 2014