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Among the outdoor sports born in the 20th century, mountain biking has a lucky thing going for it: Some of its pioneers took cameras on their rides. This was in the 1970s, decades before smart phones, so we’re truly fortunate to have so much of the history documented in photos.

The links below are to photos taken and digitized by Wende Cragg and Larry Cragg. They bring you the action at Repack, and take you along on rides in Marin County, Crested Butte, the Sierra Nevada and other early hot spots of mountain biking.

The photos are shown here with permission from the photographers. All rights are reserved by Wende Cragg and Larry Cragg, Rolling Dinosaur Archives; no reproduction without prior permission. You can use the Contact Us form to reach them.

At the museum you can see reproductions of many of these photos. Also on exhibit are Wende’s Nikon camera—and of course many of the history-making bikes themselves, including Wende’s early Schwinn.

Rolling Dinosaur Archive (RDA)

Repack Photos

Repack Photos Part 2

Other Marin Ridings

Sierra Nevada




All rights reserved by Wende Cragg and Larry Cragg.  No reproduction without prior permission from Wende Cragg or Larry Cragg.