Uli Stanciu

Uli is a pioneer and pillar of the the European mountain bike scene. His numerous contributions over the years have had worldwide impact and inspired many great things in mountain biking. Few people have had such an impact on our sport as Uli. His roots in the sport go back to 1985. In 1989 he […]

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North Shore Trail Builders

Both Todd “Digger” Fiander and “Dangerous” Dan Cowan started to build North Shore trails in the mid-eighties and show no sign of slowing down. Digger started riding hiking trails in 1980 and craved something more MTB specific. He claims his first use of a ladder bridge incorporated into trail building was in 1984 on The […]

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Horst Leitner

Horst began working on the problem of chain torque and its effect on suspension in the mid-1970s, with motorcycles. In 1985 Leitner built a prototype mountain bike incorporating what became known as the “Horst Link,” a type of four-bar linkage suspension. It uses a dropout fixed to the seatstay and a rear swingarm pivot below […]

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Glen Jacobs

Glen has left his mark on many aspects of our sport, not only in Australia where he is from, but globally. No person from outside the USA or Europe has influenced mountain biking more. Glen is a true pioneer, and a person who truly understands the heart and soul of mountain biking. He is also […]

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