These terms and conditions apply to all rentals of the museum.

  1. Care of Facilities/Hours: All groups using the Museum shall be responsible for proper use and care of all property, equipment and displays. Displays will not be taken down to accommodate Renters. Rental times are outside regular Museum hours.
  2. No open parties are allowed at the Museum.
  3. Preparation and Cleanup: Museum staff will move the bicycle exhibits to create an appropriately sized space for your event. Event preparation and cleanup shall be completed by Renter or their agents including removal of decorations and other items brought by Renter’s associates and guests. Renter shall be responsible for setting up and breaking down all tables and chairs and storing them in their proper storage place. Additional cleaning charges may also be incurred due to spills, scuffmarks, scratches, etc. which occur during the rental. All activities, including set-up and cleanup, must be listed on the application. Renter shall supply additional refuse containers (dumpsters) at Renter’s expense at the discretion of the Museum Supervisor.
  4. Renter Properties: Any property or temporary fixtures brought to the facility for any event must be listed on the application and pre-approved by the Museum. Renter shall remove such property within a predetermined and agreed-upon time after the scheduled event. Any property installed without prior approval will be removed at Renter’s expense. The Museum is not responsible for lost or stolen items and will not be responsible for any items delivered before or left after an event.
  5. Nothing may be stored on site without prior approval of Museum Supervisor.
  6. All exit doors must be kept clear at all times. At no time can exits be covered or obstructed by tables, chairs, drapes or equipment. Fire code requires 3 ft. clearance to be maintained around all exit doors throughout the time of the event.
  7. No food items shall be sold to the public, unless approved in advance by Museum. Renter shall obtain any permits required for the sale of food and/or beverages at an event.
  8. If alcoholic beverages are to be sold, Renter must obtain a permit from the State Alcoholic Beverage Control Department. A copy of the permit shall be submitted to the Museum at least seven (7) days prior to the event.
    1. State law prohibits the serving of alcoholic beverages to minors or to anyone who is or appears to be under the influence of alcohol.
    2. Alcohol must be served by an adult, over 21, from a bar or staffed beverage table.
    3. Renter is responsible for anyone who brings alcohol into the facility without obtaining the proper insurance and security requirements. Events may be stopped and cancelled immediately if alcohol is observed by Museum staff being served or consumed without meeting all requirements.
  9. Renters may provide their own food and beverages, or they may use professional caterers. Renters are responsible for arranging their own catering, linens, dishes and catering supplies. Any equipment or decorations brought on site must be delivered and picked up within reserved Rental time unless prior arrangements are made with Museum.
  10. Barbecuing requires pre-approval and is restricted to certain areas outside the facility.
  11. Museum may require, as a condition for rental, that licensed security guards be present at a rental event. Security might be required for, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. An honoree is under 21 years of age and expected attendance is over 30.
    2. The event is private and expected attendance is over 70.
  12. Other considerations:
    1. Smoke machines of any type are not to be used inside facility or on facility grounds.
    2. No smoking is allowed inside or outside in the immediate vicinity of the facility.
    3. No candles or oil lamps permitted. Votive candles in glass containers may be used at the discretion of the Museum Supervisor.
    4. All decorations must be of flame-retardant material.
    5. Rice, birdseed, flower petals, loose glitter, confetti and similar materials are prohibited.
    6. Any plants brought into the building must be in waterproof containers. When setting up plants on the flooring, protective materials must be placed underneath the containers.
    7. Exits and exit sign must not be covered or obstructed at any time.
    8. The Museum will not supply ladders for Renter’s use. Please bring your own equipment.
    9. All decorations, rentals, flowers must be removed. Any tape, staples, tacks, fishing line etc., must be removed by the end of the rental. Costs to repair holes from tacks, nails, etc. will be charged.
    10. No wet or damp items are to be placed on top of any woodwork.
    11. If live or recorded music is provided, it must end no later than 10:00 PM and must not exceed an average of 80 dBA as measured inside the venue by the Museum staff who shall be the sole judge. No music with offensive, degrading or suggestive lyrics may be played.
  13. Event Cancellation and Refunds:
    a. Confirmed reservations that are canceled may be subject to penalties. Cancellation fees are
    determined by the amount of notice given prior to the scheduled event.
    b. If cancellation is made by renting party more than 1 month prior to reserved date, 50% of
    the room deposit and 100% of rental fees will be refunded. The Museum will retain 50% of the
    Deposit. If cancellation is made less than 1 month prior to reserved date, 100%
    of the room deposit will be returned, but the Museum will retain the
    full rental fee.  Please see chart below:

     Cancellation Date  Refunded Deposit Fee Refunded Rental Fee
    More than 1 month before event  50%  100%
    Less than 1 month before event  100%  0%

    c. If the Museum cancels an event, all fees will be returned. To avoid misunderstandings, only
    the Museum President can make cancellations.
    d. Refunds will be processed within 30 days after your event. Fees will not be refunded for
    reserved time not used. Reserved time should be chosen carefully; once fees are paid, there
    will be no refund for decreased reserved or actual use time.
    e. Refunds will be made by check regardless of the manner of original payment received.

  14. This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California. Any legal actions, claims or demands shall be handled in a court of competent jurisdiction within said State.


Last Updated 10/3/18