Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Have a question?  You’ve come to the right place!  If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to ask us on the Contact Us page or call us at 415-450-8000.

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Q1:  How long has the museum been open?
A:  We had our Grand Opening on June 6, 2015. For the two years preceding that we worked on designing and building the space, gathering the collection and creating the displays. We held a few events, such as history talks and a local nonprofit’s fundraiser in the space before the official opening.

Q2:  What are your hours?
A:  Our hours and special event closings are posted on our Plan Your Visit page. We can sometimes arrange special visiting hours if you will get in touch with us in advance. Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers. NOTE: As of 11/25/20, the museum is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Q3: How can I get involved?
A:  Please come to the Museum, introduce yourself and let us know your skills and interests! We are accepting volunteer applications and we can use volunteer help for almost every facet of running the museum. Don’t live in the area but want to help? Please contact us anyway and we will discuss the possibilities together. Please check out our Volunteer page for more info. Thank you!

Q4: Do you have any paid staff?  Are you hiring?
A:  No, we do not have any paid staff. Everyone who works at the museum is volunteering his or her time. This museum was also created entirely by volunteers. This dedicated group spends several thousand hours a year maintaining the space and curating an extraordinary collection of bikes, most of which are on loan to us or have been donated. We are still working hard to complete our initial vision and to create special exhibits.

Q5:  How can I support the museum?
A:  Great question!  Your admission fees, memberships, purchases and donations will help to pay the expenses that we have incurred so far in creating the museum, and they will help us to keep the museum open. We are a registered 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit.
There are many ways you can support us—from becoming a member, to donating much-needed funds (we also accept stock donations) to purchasing a brick on our Mt. Tam Wall, your purchases in our online store always help, to in-kind donations of items that we need for our facility, and volunteering. If you shop with Amazon, you can bookmark our Amazon Smile link and use it to go to Amazon. Including us in your estate plans is a powerful way to make a lasting impact. You can reach Marc Vendetti at 415-450-8000 x105 with all your donation questions.

Q6: Is it legal for a nonprofit to charge for admission fees and memberships?  Doesn’t it all have to be by donation only?
A:  According to the law, a nonprofit entity can charge whatever it needs in order to sustain its operations.  It just cannot distribute those funds to the owners of the entity. It has to use them to further the purpose of the non profit–which is exactly what we do with our all-volunteer staff.

Q7: How can I help spread the word?
A:  You can “like” us on Facebook and mention us on other social media, like Twitter and Instagram. If you visited the museum and enjoyed your experience, please write a review on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. Being a fairly new museum and lacking advertising funds, we depend on word-of-mouth to spread the word. Use hashtag #marinmuseumofbicycling in your social media posts. Thank you!

Q8: Do you have parking?
A:  We have a parking lot for cars and bikes. There is also a good amount of street parking in the area, especially on weekdays. We encourage everyone to ride to the museum. We have racks for up to 16 bikes and complimentary U-locks that we can loan to cyclists during their museum visits.

Q9: I have a bike [or other material] that the Museum might be interested in. Whom should I talk with?
A: Thank you for thinking of us! Please use the Contact Us page and let us know more. Please keep in mind we do not offer advice on valuations.

Q10: I have a gift certificate, how can I find out how much is left on it?
A: Click this link to check your certificate balance. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

Q11: How can I find out about upcoming events? Do you send out emails?

A: We email announcements for all upcoming events to everyone on our lists. You can click here to subscribe to the Email News List. Members also automatically get notices. We keep our lists private to protect your information. We also post events on our website and in event calendars in local media such as the Marin IJ, San Francisco Chronicle, Pacific Sun and many others.


Accounts and Memberships

Q1:  How do I join and how much does it cost?
A:  Our membership page covers all of the details.

Q2:  What is the difference between an Account and a Membership?
A:  Accounts: You can register for a free Account on our site or partner sites without becoming a member.  You might want to do this so you don’t have to fill out a form every time you make a donation for example. If you create an account, then the next time you come back you can log in to your account first. This saves you time and keeps a record of all your transactions.
Memberships: A Membership has all the benefits of a free Account, but offers much more. Depending on the level of membership, you can have: voting rights in Hall of Fame elections; free entry to the Museum; bring a buddy into the Museum for free; bring your family in for free; get discounts in the online store; and even get free passes for member-only events.  We definitely recommend a membership, and you must be a member to vote for Hall of Fame candidates. We depend on our members to keep the museum operating!

Q3:  I purchased an Organizational Membership or Small Business Membership.  How do I add my employees/staff?
A:  When someone purchases one of these types of memberships, they are in charge of adding additional employee/staff members to the account. Here are the instructions for adding people to organizational memberships during the initial purchase process:
1. You purchase one of the Organization/Corporate Memberships.
2.  During the purchase process, you can click the Add Another Employee button and add employee members. You can also skip this step, and do it any time later from the “My Membership” section within the member Web Portal.
3.  You add employees one at a time, and you will be using the Individual and Family Memberships screen.  Fill out their personal information at the top, choose their login name and password, then skip to the very bottom and choose the “Employee Membership” that is shown. There will only be one choice there, and it will be the one for your Organization/Corporate Membership type. You may also click on “Previous” to go back.
4.  You will see the employees you have added before at the bottom of the screen.
5.  When you are at the bottom of the page and on the last employee you can add for your level of membership, the Add Another Employee button will no longer be visible;  You will only  be able to click on “Previous” or “Continue.”
6.  When you are finished adding employees, click Continue. If you have any payment due, you will be taken to the payment screen.
7.  After the system has successfully processed your payment, you will receive a Thank You and a confirmation email.
* You can add/subtract people at any time from within the member Web Portal. Click on My Membership from the drop down.
* You can assign another person to be the manager or we can do it for you.

Q4:  How do I add my household members to my Family Membership?
A:  There are 2 ways:
1. During the initial purchase process:
a)  Choose Family Membership, then on one of the next screens you will see a button that says ADD ANOTHER HOUSEHOLD MEMBER.
b)  Fill in their information on the form.
c)  Near the bottom of the form, check the button that says “Extra Person – Free”.
d)  Keep clicking Add Another Household Member until you have added everyone or you have reached the maximum number for the family membership, at which point that button will no longer show.
e)  Click CONTINUE and finish purchasing the membership.

2. After the initial purchase, you may add your family members at any time from within the Web Portal:
a)  Login to the Head of Household primary account.
b)  Select My Membership (the first time you login it will go here automatically)
c)  Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the options for Additional Sub Members.
d)  Adding someone is like the procedure described above (starting at 1b). The other options such as Delete, Renew, etc. are pretty straightforward.
e)  When you add a family member, they will have their own sub-membership and member privileges and can login to manage their own account.

Q5:  I’m a Hall of Fame Inductee. I thought I was a lifetime member/had a free membership?
A:  We love our Inductees, and we offer Inductee Complimentary Memberships by request. Simply drop us a line from the Contact Us page and we will send your complimentary membership info.  Of course, as an Inductee, your support through a membership purchase is extra special to us. It will help the Hall of Fame and the Museum stay open, and is greatly appreciated.

Q6:  How do I add additional members to a group Inductee Complimentary Membership?
A:  There are 2 ways:
1. During the initial purchase process:
a)  After you’ve added yourself as a member, click the button that says ADD ANOTHER HOUSEHOLD MEMBER.
b)  Fill in their information on the form.
c)  Near the bottom of the form, check the radio button that says “Add-on Complimentary Member”.
d)  Keep clicking ADD ANOTHER HOUSEHOLD MEMBER until you have added everyone.  When you’re done adding people, click CONTINUE. That will complete the process.

2. After you’ve gotten the initial membership, you may add your group members at any time from within the Web Portal following these steps:
a)  Login to the Primary Member’s account. This is the person who originally setup the group membership.
b)  Select My Membership from the drop-down. (the first time you login it will go here automatically)
c)  Near the bottom of the form, click on “Add” where it says Contacts: Add
d)  Fill in the Name, email address, etc for the additional member. The induction year will be the same year as the group was inducted. Pick the inductee category if there was one.
e)  Then scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the radio button for “Add-on Complimentary Member”. Click that, and then you will see the start date is filled in already and leave the end date blank.
f)  Click CONTINUE. The membership should be complete and you will see a thank you page.
g)  For additional members, you have to log in again for each one. Start again at step 2a.


BikeMuse Gifts

International Shipping
It is quite possible that we can package your order safely in a much smaller box than the system can, thereby saving you a significant sum on shipping costs. If you will send us an email with your list of items and your shipping address and we can research it and let you know. Email us at

Gift Certificates

Redeeming Online: Enter the Code number printed on the certificate in the Coupon code box in the shopping cart and click the “APPLY COUPON” button to redeem your certificate. If you don’t use the full value of the certificate in one purchase, the balance will be there waiting for you the next time you shop– there is no expiration date on the certificates. If your purchases are more than the value of your certificate, you will have a payment due.
Printing Tips: The certificates are printed like any regular PDF file. They are formatted for US Letter-size paper (8-1/2 x 11″) in portrait orientation. Download them to your computer first, do not print directly from your email program or the web. Printing will vary widely depending on your computer, printer and what PDF program you have but here’s a general step-by-step procedure. You will need to have a PDF program like Adobe Acrobat installed before you do this. If you don’t have Acrobat, try this free alternative
a) Click the download button from the shopping cart, or the link from your email.
b) With the image of the certificate on the screen, click the print icon in the upper right.
c) Choose your PDF printer or “Save as PDF”.
d) Click the Print or Save button.
e) Give your file a name and save it to a folder on your computer that is easy to find.
f) When you actually want to print the certificate, open your file from that folder you saved it in to print it.
g) When printing, in the print options box choose “Fit”  instead of Actual-size to get the best results.
If you are giving them as a gift, we recommend you use a nice quality paper (and we like an ivory or parchment color).


Event Ticketing

If you have any questions or comments not covered here, feel free to call us at 415-450-8000 or contact Customer Service through our Contact Us page. We’ll be happy to help.


Q1:  How do I buy tickets?
A: a) Book your quantity of tickets by ticket type, and add to the cart.
b) Book all your ticket types before viewing the cart, or click back from the cart if you need to add more ticket types.
c) Once your tickets are in the cart, it is like any other online purchase. Fill in your purchaser and attendee details, then go to the payment screen and complete your transaction.

Donations on the cart page
Q1: Why won’t the system accept my donation in the cart?
A: If the donation button isn’t working, click the refresh button on your browser and after the page has refreshed, try it again. If it still doesn’t work, please let us know– we would be happy to accept your donation at the front desk!

Receiving your Tickets
Q1: How do I get my tickets?
A: Your tickets will be emailed to you after your purchase receipt is sent. If you lost the email, you can call us at 415-450-8000 and we can send you copies or you can email Customer Service through the Contact Us form.

Q1: I got my tickets, how do I check-in at the event?
***** Fastest method: If you can show your tickets on your phone at the door, we can scan them or check you in by your name as you walk in.
*** Next best: If you don’t have a mobile device and you can print them, we can check you in from your print-out as you walk in.
* Slowest method: We’re always happy to check you in at the front desk, but there may be a line.


Voting in Hall of Fame Elections

Q1:  Where and how do I vote?
A:  As of the 2020 season, Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Inductees are no longer elected by the public. The Hall of Fame Nomination and Selection Committee now has this responsibility and there is no longer a public vote. Check the Inductees page for more information. Nominations on the other hand, are still done by the public, check the Nominee’s page for more information.


Logo Art for Mt. Tam Legacy Wall Bricks

(order your brick at:

For optional custom laser-etched logos:
a)  If you want to have your logo or other artwork engraved on your brick, please select the brick price that includes the $75.00 setup fee.
b)  Email us your full-size artwork in pdf, jpg, png, tif, or ai formats.  Email your art to Marc Vendetti through the Contact Us page.
Art notes:
*  All art is laser engraved and filled with black paint.  No other colors are available.
*  All text is treated like part of the artwork.  The 18 character limit per line does not apply and you can use almost any font you want.
*  Fine lines & detail can be difficult to engrave.  Bold, simple designs reproduce better.  See sample pics.

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