Fairfax Bike Swap Successful!

The Fairfax Bike Swap was a qualified success yesterday. Good fun, great rain, good funds.
Sunday daybreak shifted from clear skies to foreboding clouds in an instant with rain soon ramping to windy deluge. A childhood friend, Duke Mahl, who I hadn’t seen since high school was staying with us. By 8am we were tarping the outdoor arbor with the zeal of kids building a fort. It didn’t matter that in the process, the pounding rain and a shifting east wind had channeled about 10 gallons of roof water down my shirt’s neck clear to my toes. Fortunately, my wife, Connie was able to bring me new duds for the day.
With the weather stealing the show, the Swap got rolling a little late, by which time a good crop of swappers had gathered. Up the street at Fairfax Cyclery things were slower to roll, so most interest was at the Marin Museum of Bicycling (MMB). The Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB)-equipped Phoenix was first to go. We could have stopped right there and done well, as it sold for $3,000.00 But by Noon the sun was beginning to show and spirits and attendance were carrying things further. Cruiser rep from LowKeyMotors, Jer Heidenreich, even paid us a call and forecast bright sunshine by 1, which he nailed. The weather held, with fits, until closing. And if I hadn’t got that tarp down five minutes before the evening shower hit I would’ve gone home just as wet as I started.
The Swap brought in about $4,500.00 for MMB. Maybe 50 people attended over the course of the day. We sold three bikes, one frame and a few T-shirts, but perhaps more importantly we got some good coverage in the Marin Independent Journal (IJ) newspaper today with a buoyant, positive telling of the day. Their Swap story appears in today’s IJ on page A3 and covers about half a page and with three color photos. Love the shot of Julian Page, age 1. Click here to read the full IJ story.
A big thank you to volunteer Lee Dumler from Trips For Kids’ bike shop, The Re-Cyclery, for his expert wrenching getting the 15 or so bikes and frames in order, and his expertise in evaluating swap items.
~By Joe Breeze, Museum Curator